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Ubisoft, the French-based game publisher and developer, has since 1986 worked on multiple games across various console generations and genres. Ubisoft initially concentrated on smaller titles and a few licensed based games such as Sesame Street, Indiana Jones, Charlie Angels and batman. It has grown over the years, and today it has a great list of novel games including, Rayman, Assassin’s Creed franchises and Far Cry among others that have put it as one of the most prolific video game studios. Ubisoft’s history is a rich one, and with more than three decades, the company has lots of great games. Game lovers need to ensure that they look out for reputable video game stores when purchasing video games. Readingreviews about video game stores will help you identify reputable stores. You can also look at ShopTo video games. This article goes through some of the best Ubisoft games.

Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30 (88)

This game is centred on the exploits of an actual –life Parachute Infantry Regiments whose valour and actions play an enormous role in the second world wars allies’ war effort. It received praise from fans as one of the most realistic and best Second World War games of its era. In 2005 it was used by the History channel to reconstruct scenarios. The game received great success which led to ten sequels completed in the next decade, though none of them lived up to attain similar success that the original game had. For over six years now the series has been dormant after its 12th instalment was cancelled. However, there is a TV show based on it that is presently being developed.

Watch Dogs 2

Released alongside the Xbox One and the PS4, the original Watch Dogs continuation was a fairly great deal. The game is an open-world adventure that concentrates on hacking. The player plays as a DedSec hacker, referred to as Marcus Holloway who plays against CTOS in a fictionalised San Francisco. Though the gameplay is identical to its predecessor, it has some enhancements that emphasise action and craftiness with additional elements to exploit valuable hacks in a pinch. With more than 10 million copies sold the games has received tremendous success making it’s originals worthy successor.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

The black flag is the initial title in the Assassin’s Creed series to conspicuously break its links from assassins and their creed. In the black flag, Edward Kenway is much of a pirate than an assassin. The player is the captain of a pirate ship; Jackdaw. This pirate ship can be upgraded throughout the game by finding blueprints, plundering and exploring. One of the games features is wandering inside the sea as crew chant some shanties until when you’ll be attacked by enormous multi-deck ships or when you’ll choose to attack.

Far Cry 4

This game was initially intended to be far cry 3’s direct sequel. It has proved worth the challenge as it has received praise from previous critics on most aspects. The only issue was that the game’s narrative was too identical to the preceding game which led to the instituting of Pagan Min, the Villain of the game. Remarkably, it is possible to beat this game in the intro structure by only waiting for pagan after telling you to enjoy your meal whereas he has gone to deal with some terrorists.

Rocksmith 2014 Edition

This game is distinct from other games as it aims to teach players real life skills, allowing them to play the instrument they like between bass and guitar. It is also possible to play electric versions of the instruments, plugging them inside your console and getting to learn single songs and playing techniques. The game works almost identically to Guitar Hero, but instead of buttons, it has real instruments. The game is made enjoyable and fun by dynamic adjusting as the game can adapt to your skill level, and as you are getting better, things get more challenging, and thus you continuously keep improving. The game has been highly praised as one of the quickest ways one can learn the guitar. There are thousands of songs available for purchase and multiple mini-games that will help you practice the guitar.

Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends has been commended for its gameplay, level design, graphics and soundtrack. Those who have a passion for platform games will love this game. It permits up to 4 players to find their way through a level and then play numerous Rayman universe characters. With more than 120 levels even speedrunners will take some time to complete this game

In conclusion, if you have always liked to play Ubisoft games but got a hard time selecting which one to go for. Then this article provides all you need.

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