Positive and Negative Impacts when Children Play Games

Playing video games nowadays is common for children and even adults. They can play it on gadget devices, Game PCs, laptops or consoles and others. Did you know, at this time a lot of children who are addicted to playing games.

10 Positive & Negative Effects of Video Games on Children

Addicted to playing games can interfere with everyday life

This is because a person who is addicted to playing games all the time will always be focused on one object, the game that is being played.

“Addiction is the same as excessive, so something excessive is not good, so the same as someone who is addicted to the game will have a negative effect”.

In this case the role of parents is needed to always accompany the child’s activities and provide limits in playing games

In addition, parents must also determine the right time for children to play games, for example on weekends.

As children get older, parents must also use appropriate methods such as making compromises with children and making collective agreements so that children can take responsibility for what has been agreed.

Addicted to playing games will have a bad impact on children

These bad effects such as decreased learning achievement of children, and decreased ability to socialize children to the surrounding environment.

“In essence, something that is done excessively and causes addiction, it will bring a negative impact on the person himself”.

Of the many negative things found in playing games, there are also positive things you should know. Playing games with enough time and not excessive can practice good hand and eye coordination, improve visualization, and can improve the ability to think critically.

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