Playing games is one of the popular activities to fill spare time. There are many types of game genres available, everyone has their own favorite game genre, be it action-adventure, role-playing, racing game, multiplayer online battle arena, and others.

Various Game Genres
So what are the divisions of the various game genres? The following are some types of popular game genres along with explanations, subgenres and examples of games according to genre.


Action games have become one of the most popular game genres from the past until now. The hallmark of this game presents elements of action and action in the game. This game deals with shooting action, war, hitting each other and other reflex movements.


Action-adventure is a popular game genre that is widely played today. This game is a combination of action and adventure or adventure genres. In this genre, we will explore new places, collect various items, complete missions and challenges and face existing enemies.


Role-playing games, commonly known as RPGs, have become a game genre that has developed since the 90s and has become increasingly popular with the times, especially in the era of online games. In this type of game, we will play a certain role in the game.


Shooter is one of the popular and widely played action game subgenres, so it is often considered as the main genre. This type of game requires us to shoot enemies with certain weapons, it can be in FPS (first-person shooter) or third-person shooter format.


As the name implies, sports games are games with a sports simulation theme. Various types of popular sports are often played through games, such as football, basketball, volleyball, boxing, auto racing, tennis, wrestling, and so on.


The next types of games are simulation games. This game is a simulation game of certain objects.

Some subgenres of simulation games include:

Construction and management simulation is a construction simulation game for the development, expansion and management of a particular community or location, which can be a city, industry or government.
Life simulation, a game simulating the life of one or more humans, including the type of pet-raising, which is a simulation of caring for certain animals.
Vehicle simulation, which is a vehicle simulation game such as a bus or plane.


Strategy games are a type of game genre that requires a strategy to achieve the mission to be achieved. The process of planning and implementing strategies is the key to victory in games with the strategy game genre.


Racing games or racing games are categorized as sports games, but because of their popularity they are often categorized as playing genres. Racing games are very popular because the games are easy, simple, and fun and interesting.

Board games / Card games

There are also types of board games or card games. Types of board games are board games such as chess, while types of card games are card games such as solitaire. These games include mini games that you can play in your spare time.

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