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There are many types of games in the world today that people play, especially because they love the game or want to have a feel of the game. In some cases, they could just stumble upon the game and in other cases, it might be based on reviews and what other people are saying about games. You can always get reviews about games and consoles when you check video games online store reviews on US-Reviews to see what people are saying about different games and which of the games you will be interested in playing.

One of the games that have gained popularity in recent times is Fortnite. The game’s initial release was in 2017. The game, which was developed by Epic Games, has become phenomenal for its in-game currency use, dance emotes that are infections as well as the bright colors features in the game.

There are 3 different modes in the game. They include Creative, Battle Royale, and Save the World. Creative provides the players with an opportunity to create their obstacles as well as place buildings on a private map that they will make. When they are done, they can invite players to feature in various activities such as shoot-outs, jumping courses, and racing among others. There are some similarities between Minecraft and Creative Mode in Fortnite.

Battle Royale is the mode that is most interesting in the game. There can be up to 100 players in a game. The player is dropped from mid-air into the Island without a weapon. They search the island for weapons and try to outlive every other player on the island. However, alliances can be made with 1 or 3 other players to become a team of two or four respectively.

The Save the World Mode allows players to work together and fight zombies. They are to defend bases and houses from attack with the resources they have been able to gather. By 2020, Fortnite had become one of the most popular games in the world. The major reasons why Fortnite became so popular are discussed subsequently.

It is an interesting game

People love to play games and when a game is interesting, many people will be playing the game. The more people play the game, the more they will talk about the game, and the more others will know about the game. When the talk about the game is positive, anyone who hears about the game will also want to play the game. Hence, the interesting nature of the game is one of the reasons that has made Fortnite so popular.

You can play with your friends

Another feature of the game that contributed significantly to its popularity is the fact you can play with your friend. People love to do things with their friends including playing games. Hence, when a person learns about the game, he thinks of a friend to play the game with. The other friend gets to know about the game in the process and involves his friend too.

Upgrades to characters and outfit

The fact that you can upgrade characters and outfits is an interesting feature of the game that has attracted many people. People often spend time on games with upgrades because they want to know where to find all the upgrades. They know that the knowledge will come in handy when playing with their friends and give them a better chance of being successful.

It is free to play

The fact you don’t have to pay money before you can play the game is also one of the features that made it popular. Nobody is discouraged and decides not to play because they can’t afford it or don’t want to spend money buying a game.

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