Despite his nerf in the latest valorant patch, Chamber still has some excitement. which is the main reason why most players like to use these French agents. One of them is the sensation of playing Tour de Force.

Even though it has been released since 2020, many Valorant players are still confused about how to use it. one Agent who is quite unique. Agent Chamber itself has the ability to teleport. and has additional, more powerful Sheriff and Operator weapons. Because of its unique and quite overpowered strength, using this agent is not easy. Chamber only needs to have sharp aiming skills and some lineup strategy for his rendezvous in the latest patch.

Easy to Play, Hard to Fight!

Chamber is an agent who has a low level of difficulty compared to other agents.
With a game that only lays traps and teleport objects. Chamber has been able to play comfortably.
Since Chamber received a nerf on his headhunters, his efficiency has decreased compared to the beginning. The higher price of bullets forces Chamber users to buy other pistols like Ghost.
Even so, Chamber remains an easy agent to use but difficult to fight against.

Nostalgia Point Blank Tour De Force Sensation!

When we first used this agent and experienced its ultimate called Tour de Force, the thing that came to mind at that time was a memory when playing AWP in the Point Blank FPS game.
Internet cafe friends will probably remember how it felt to use a Sniper with Quick Change + Hollow items that can shoot and kill opponents quickly.
But since Chamber underwent significant changes in the latest nerf, we no longer feel that way. Tour de Force now just feels like a normal Operator but can be used for free if you can collect a lot of accumulated kills. Of course with more power.

Convenient and Safe

Several Chamber users who have relied on this agent every time they play certainly feel comfortable playing, both in terms of utility and playstyle. Not only comfortable, players can also feel safe with their teleportation skills which can avoid enemies in various situations.
In this new patch, there are many of the latest Rendezvous lineups from several pro players or pro guides on YouTube. So please check or study so that the Chamber remains OP even though it is nerfed.
So, those are the 3 excitements of playing Chamber according to Esports ID. This one agent is indeed the mainstay of every VALORANT community, both amateur and professional players.

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