5 Reasons You Should Never Eat In Front Of Your Computer


Oftentimes, computer manufacturers have warned computer users against eating close to the computer or laptop for good reasons. But, in reality, most people don’t like to get up once they are glued to their computer.

Having to fix your laptop all the time can be frustrating and the money you would spend in the process makes it even more frustrating. Every tech person will tell you not to eat in front of your computer, while the opinions and feedback on UK.collected.reviews have also shown that eating in front of the computer can damage it. Furthermore, below are 5 reasons why you should never eat in front of your computer:

1.  You might leave food particles on the keyboard

Do you have new meal plans and advice you want to put into practice? The front of your computer is not the right place to do so. Have you thought of what will happen if food particles are left on your keyboard? Cleaning your keyboard is not as easy as you think, and sometimes you may even forget the food droplets and particles, and they stick to your keyboard thereby damaging it.

2.  The computer screen damages your food

 Do you know that the electromagnetic field of your computer has the power to destroy the nutrients in your food? This might sound surprising to use but it is a fact that most people are not aware of. When the molecular structure of your food is destroyed, then your food will become unsafe for human consumption.

3.  You tend to overeat when eating in front of your computer

Believe it or not, eating in front of your computer makes you eat too much. You will get carried away by whatever you are doing on your computer and just keep eating until you realise you have eaten too much.

4.  The motherboard of your computer can be damaged

Your computer is a huge investment. Most people have all their work and important documents on their computer, and if it gets damaged, it becomes a problem. If you decide to take coffee or wine while working at your computer, it’s better you move away because if you spill tea or wine or even water on your computer, you would have done a lot of damage to it.

5.  Your computer may stop working abruptly

Sometimes, you don’t get the aftermath of food particles sticking to your computer immediately. You also don’t get the result of water or tea spills immediately. Your keyboard might begin to malfunction all of a sudden. It might start from one then it goes to another key and before you know it, your whole keyboard is damaged. It gets worse if you use a laptop.

Eating in front of your computer is not advisable for any reason. Except you don’t care about your computer and you have no issues spending a significant amount to fix it every now and then, you should never eat in front of it.

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