Gateway ComputersOh poor Gateway. They’ve been the bastard child of the pc industry for a solid a few years now. But perhaps there may be light on the end of the tunnel due to Acer, who purchased the pc producer a couple of years in the past. Announced at Computex, Gateway’s all-in-one ZX6800 23-inch touchscreen pc was on show and features an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, DDR3 RAM, a hybrid TV tuner, WiFi b/g/n, Ethernet and runs Windows 7. Sorry, no word on a price or release date, but if they get it proper they might be taking over the likes of HP and their Touchsmart computer systems.

What a disgrace that Gateway bought out, and now it is just a shell of it’s formal self. It’s only a identify now, all the things about it’s China, China, China made like every little thing else. Shame on Ted for not caring for his company and letting Greed destroy what he constructed. Everyone has a character flaw, and if left unattended it always leads to their downfall. In this case, greed.

A six-particular person Board of Directors ran Gateway previous to the acquisition by Acer. The former board included chairman Rick Snyder , former interim CEO, George Krauss, Douglas Lacey, Joseph Parham, Jr, Quincy Allen, David E. Russell, and Scott Galloway. Shareholders elect the board members at conferences , and people board members who do not get a majority of votes should submit a resignation to the board, which can subsequently select whether or to not settle for the resignation. The company structure and management of Gateway extends beyond the board of directors.

Well, i’ve a Gateway and it was broken the second i received it. But let me clarify, i only acquired it as a result of it was damaged- relations know i love taking them aside, and this one positive was simple as hell to take apart. The HDD had something loose inside, it was sliding about. The case was solid sufficient, and it gave me a top quality really feel. However it’s worth noting this was a 13-12 months-previous laptop computer (2001) and their quality might have/most likely has changed since then.

The different manufacturers talked about, for certain had been all the time a pain to service the guts, the BIOS locked down to reveal necessities and the number of particular machine drivers to download if reformatting, OMG. I must have arrange a skid load of these boxes in my time for a small retailer and they have been all the time a dead finish, PITA.

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