World of Warships Ships

Lesta Studio succeeded in creating four different gameplay within one game. Depending on the chosen class of ship, you will be required to have completely different skills.


The most balanced class is cruisers. Their task is to drive off enemy destroyers, hunt down enemy destroyers and guard their aircraft carriers, but if necessary and with the right skill they can also withstand an artillery duel with battleships, the main thing is not to get hit by onboard gunfire. Cruisers are fast and maneuverable enough to change targets and use islands as cover. You can order cruiser boosting here. In short, they are the equivalent of the medium tanks from World of Tanks.


Battleships have impressive weapons and armor and are the main strike force of the fleet, check affordable battleship grind on this page. One successful salvo from a battleship can tear apart a destroyer and, with some luck, even sink a cruiser. On the other hand, the time it takes to reload the main guns is terrifyingly long, the turrets’ rotation speed is disappointingly slow, and the speed of the ship itself leaves a lot to be desired, to put it mildly. It’s easy to get caught up in a torpedo attack on a battleship. And enemy air squadrons and destroyers go after battleships. As you have already understood, battleships are the analog of heavy tanks from WoT.

Destroyer boosting


The equivalent of the light tanks is the destroyers. Their main weapon is torpedoes, and one successful attack can turn the tide of the battle. Plus destroyers are the fastest ships in the game with impressive maneuverability. A skilled skipper will be able to get a destroyer between the gaps, and if they take advantage of the ability to put smoke, they can conduct a surprise attack, appearing literally out of nowhere and disappearing into nowhere. But as mentioned above, a battleship or cruiser can literally break a destroyer in half with a single salvo.

Aircraft carriers

Well, the fourth class of ships performs the role of artillery in World of Warships – these are aircraft carriers. Even the main screen of aircraft carrier captains is a map with a view from above, on which he sends squadrons of torpedo carriers, bombers, and fighters on missions, giving them routes of movement, targets, and directions of attack. In its own way, this is also exciting, although here the tension of battle is felt the least, here World of Warships turns a little bit into a strategy. The task of aircraft carriers is to cover their own ships and attack enemy battleships and aircraft carriers with aircraft. Like the artillery, aircraft carriers should be kept away from the collision line, in direct combat, they are completely helpless and become easy prey for any type of ship. Not only that, they simply don’t have any artillery weapons that the player can control, and the small caliber AI fires won’t do any significant damage even to a destroyer.