5 Mandatory PC Games to Play June 2018 Release

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Entering June means there will be a row of new PC games ready to be released. It doesn’t hurt to add more collections even though you haven’t played all the releases last month. If you are still not satisfied with last May’s PC release game, now is the time for you to see five PC releases in June 2018 that are required to enter your game collection. Let’s see the list below!

  1. Vampyr (June 5)

Vampyr is an action role playing game developed by Dontnod Entertainment. This game takes place in London in 1918. At that time there was a legendary outbreak of disease, the Spanish flu. This game revolves around a doctor named Jonathan Reid who turns into a vampire. He confuse with his bloodthirsty desire or continued to carry out his duties as a doctor.

Although some boss battles must be dealt with, you will be given the option to avoid most battles. Although acting as a vampire, you can finish this game without having to prey on humans. However, there are consequences. Your character will have difficulty leveling up if you don’t eat humans at all.

  1. Jurassic World Evolution (June 12)

Who ever played Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis? After 15 years, fans of this dinosaur-themed game will finally get the latest version of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, which is titled Jurassic World Evolution. This game adapted the Jurassic World film released in 2015. If Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis was developed by Blue Tongue Entertainment, then Jurassic World Evolution was developed by Frontier Developments.

Not much different from the previous game, Jurassic World Evolution is a game business simulation that assigns players to build a Jurassic World dinosaur park with various attractions and research facilities. The player’s main goal is to make his dinosaur park a five-star park.

  1. Super Bomberman R (June 12)

This action-maze game made by Konami and HexaDrive was previously released in March 2017. Unfortunately, this game was only released for the Nintendo Switch. Super Bomberman R is the first Bomberman series that was not developed by Hudson Soft, the game developer that was disbanded in March 2012.

In Super Bomberman R, players must move in a two-dimensional environment while trapping and defeating enemies by placing bombs. There are various modes that can be played in this game. Among them are story mode, multiplayer mode, and online mode.

  1. LEGO The Incredibles (June 15)

Simultaneously with the release of Incredibles 2 in theaters, Traveler’s Tales and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment release the LEGO game The Incredibles. Like the film, players will adventure with Parr’s family against crime. It’s not just crime-fighting action, players will see the life of this superhero family through The Incredibles and Incredibles 2.

  1. New Gundam Breaker (June 22)

New Gundam Breaker is the fourth series of the Gundam Breaker franchise develope by Bandai Namco. This game also became the first Gundam game that was present on the PC. In NewGundam Breaker, you can custom, or in the language of the Gunpla kids called kitbash, your own Gunpla by collecting weapons or armor from enemies you defeated and then installing it. You can also form a team with your friends in 3v3 co-op mode.

Well, which PC game that was released in June which made you most curious? Do you agree with the Windmill prediction of the games above?

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